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Commerical Use Automatic Chicken Feed Pellet Production Line 1-2t/h

The main machine of Chicken feed pellet production line includes Chicken feed hammer mill, feed mixer, feed pellet machine,cooling machine, packing system.

Product Description

Chicken feed pellet production line is also used to make animal feed pellets,like chicken feed,pig feed,cattle feed. The solution of poultry feed plant has 100~1000kg/h, 1t/h, 2t/h, 3t/h and 5t/h. LIMA also provides the other feed machine line solutions capacity in according with client’s requirement.

                            1-2ton/h chicken feed pellet line
Item Name Model Motor(kw) Machine Picture
1 Crusher and Mixer machine(U-shape) SFL20 18.5
SHW1.0 7.5
                                    Pellet Processing
2 SZLH250 Ring Die Pellet Machine Poultry feed pellet machine 22
Conditioner(stainless 2.2
Feeder(stainless 0.75
3 Counter flow cooler machine SKLN11×1 0.75
4 Roller Crusher SSLG15*80 5.5
5 Screener ZDS60*2d 1.5
                            Other Accessories
6 Bucket elevator TDTG26/18*3pcs 2.2*3
7 Screw conveyor Feeding hopper 4.4
TLSS16 Conveyor
8 Buffer bin 1.0m³ *2
2m³ *1 (Silo for pellets)
9 Air blower with pipe 4-72No4A 5.5
10 Control cabinet
11 Air lock GFY250 0.75
12 Pneumatic gate valve
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