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Waterdrop Feed Hammer Mill 1-15T/H Grinder Crusher

Motor power(kw): 22/30~90/110
Production Capacity: 1-2t/h~5-15t/h
Hammer Quantity: 30pcs~90pcs
Screen Quantity: Screen 2PCS, high yield, high grinding efficiency
Screen Hole Diameter: 1,5,2,4,6,8,10,12mm
Rotor Diameter(mm): 560~660
Crushing Chamber Width: 320·800
Mainshaft Speed(rpm):2970
Hammer of Line Speed(m/s):98~105.8
Bearing Number:2312~2218
Screen Size(mm):840*270*2,712*395*2,850*618*2,850*795*2
Anti-vibration Pad: 4~6
Carbon Steel Shell Thinkness: 6mm~10mm
Diamension(L*W*H): 1410*720*970mm,1550*860*1130mm,1900*900*1250mm,2500*1100*1350mm

Product Description

Water drop type hammer mill or grinder, because it shape looks like a drop water,it’s body made by carbon steel thinkness 6-10mm,inside including two metal sieve/screener, hammer can be 30pcs,48pcs,60pcs,90pcs,etc. The water-drop type grinding equipment has frequency control of motor speed and electromagnetic coupling for choice, that the speed of feed could be adjusted.The color and voltage of this machine can be customized. This water drop type hammer mill is a big size grinder machine, It is often used in feed production lines and it also can be used stand-alone.

Function of Waterdrop Feed Hammer Mill
1. This hammer mill used in the crushing stage of feed pellet line, make the raw material crush into powder.
2. Mainly used to crush grain feed (corn,soybean,etc) and crush rice husk,corn cob, straw pieces,and wood chips,etc.
3. The motor of this machine is SKS and Simens. Video technical online support, Engineers available to service machinery overseas.
4. The degree of bending of the sieve sheet hinders the formation of the circulation layer to a certain extent, and improves the pulverization efficiency of the pulverizer.

Features of Feed Hammer Mill Grinder Crusher:
1.The waterdrop feed hammer mill is human designed, which is easy to control and has lower noise.
2.Rational design of crushing chamber, increase the screening rate.
3.Easy to realize two functions of coarse and fine grinding.The grinding efficiency is increased.
4.The coarse or fine grinding can be realized by adjusting the gap between the hammer and screen, thus one machine can be used as two.
5.The shifting automation operating door allows easy overhaul and easy hammer sheet replacement.Operation humanistic and convenient.

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