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What is the fish feed processing equipment?


It is reported that the current fish feed processing equipment in the world mainly includes

1. Fish feed pellet maturation equipment
In order to make the pellet feed in the water does not immediately disperse, generally in the hard pellet feed machine with steam maturation device, so that the feed to increase the stickiness.

2. Fish feed puffed processing equipment
In order to develop new feed sources, puffed pig hair, feathers, livestock manure to make it feed. In addition to cottonseed phenol and other toxins, puffing soybean meal, vegetable cake, cottonseed cake, etc.

3. Fish feed pellet coating equipment
In order to extend the qualitative time of pellet feed in the water, generally at the outlet of the pellet feed machine with oil spray film equipment, but because of the high moisture of the particles at that time, the finished product moisture content is greater than 16%, it is appropriate to dry first after spraying.

4. Fresh soft fish feed pellet processing equipment
The fresh feed is beaten into a paste by a beater, mixed with other powder feed, and processed into fresh soft pellet feed to keep the active material of live bait.

5. One-step pellet feed processing equipment
The equipment does not need to add water steam and feed in the processing process, dry in and dry out. When the moisture content of raw materials is less than 12%, the moisture content of the product is less than 10.2%, no need to dry.

6.The First sink then float pellet feed processing sets of equipment
Its products are recommended by the United Nations shrimp pellet feed, it does not disintegrate after the water, a few hours after floating on the surface, which can reduce the pollution of water bodies and save the feed.

7. Room temperature, atmospheric pressure floating pellet feed processing equipment
The equipment does not need heating facilities, at room temperature and atmospheric pressure processing of granular feed can also “immediately float”, and float for several hours without disintegration.

8. Ultra-micro crushing processing equipment
In order to make the feed easy to digest and absorb, generally use no sieve ultra-micro crushing technology, used to feed larger fry, but also as raw materials for pellet feed.

9. Fish microencapsulated feed processing equipment
It can make micro-particles outside the natural envelope, and then spray-dried into shape, feed particles 5 microns to 10 microns in diameter, up to 800,000 grains per milligram.

Fish and shrimp feed processing machinery in the gradual separation from the livestock feed processing machinery, self-contained system. Aquaculture only fully realized mechanization, modernization, yield, and quality can be significantly improved.

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